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We pride ourselves on having the best discount-priced aluminum boat docks on the market PERIOD. And we can ship our Lifestyle aluminum docks just about anywhere! Get a great aluminum boat dock or roll in dock at the best possible price. Why buy a boat dock kit when you can get an entire complete boat dock for less. More information at Lifestyle Docks.

Our Lifestyle aluminum docks set new standards in quality and design. Our docks are built tough using modular aluminum truss frames and corrosion resistant brackets and connectors. The bolt together welded frames are easy to assemble in just a few hours. Modular frame designs allow us to ship these lake docks on compact skids to locations all over the U.S. and Canada. Perfect for properties from urban lakes to remote cabins locations. Shallow water or deep water, straight dock or "T" shape, floating or stationary, standing or roll-in- our lake docks are the ticket. Assembly instructions and how to assemble dock photos can be seen at Lifestyle Docks.


  • Modular Sectional Components
  • Maintenance-Free Aluminum Dock Frames
  • HD Truss Frames are 9.5" Deep
  • Center Span Support Throughout
  • Full Height Cross Ties Every 4 Feet
  • Bolt Together Design- Easy To Assemble
  • HD Sch 40 Galvanized Pipe
  • 24" Diameter Plastic Dock Wheels
  • Cedar or Poly Dock Decking Available
  • Warranty


Our lifestyle aluminum docks are designed for residences on inland lakes and rivers. The lightweight aluminum frame is not suitable for extreme conditions like those typical of very large bodies of water. Take a close look at our dock specifications and features and compare! We ship our docks all over the U.S. and Canada. For price information, go to Korky's Outpost LLC or the How To Buy page.

HQ for discount aluminum docks. Aluminum dock kits for sectional docks and roll in docks. Get the best price on a boat dock or roll in boat dock here. Better than any boat dock kit.

Just Looking for an economy dock? Check out the Patriot Docks. Patriot Docks have aluminum truss frames and offer a low cost alternative. Complete package kits are available in various sizes and styles. Patriot Docks

Now we also carry Wave Dock Floating Dock Systems.

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